Stranded and Frustrated

Why no, I'm not happy. Why do you ask?

Oh, my, what a day.

We’re waiting on paperwork. It seems as if we’ve been waiting forever. There’s a lot of things that go into moving this much stuff over the border. And I’m not knocking the rules, as I understand they are there for our protection. That’s why I hired someone to help us with navigating this process, to make it smoother for us.

In the hopes that the paperwork would be ready en route, we started driving today. The goal was to at least get out of Toronto, and THAT in and of itself was an ordeal. Canada, I love you. Great beer, wonderful people, and poutine. However, your roads and the civil engineering that went into them are pretty atrocious. So, into the traffic, and the rain, and the traffic, and the rain, and the traffic we plunge, hoping against hope that we’d get clearance before we got to the Port Huron border crossing.

Didn’t happen.

Now, trapped in Sarnia, Onterio, about a half-mile from the border, I think you can see how well THAT’S working out for me. Turns out, the firm I hired to take care of these details, well, didn’t, not really. I’m four kinds of livid. And we’re stuck, burning daylight, burning time, burning money, and impacting our other jobs–all because the people I hired to do the paperwork didn’t do the very basic thing they were supposed to do in the first place.

The Majestic Chipican Motel, and oh, what digs they are.

The brokers open at 8 AM tomorrow. At 8:01, I’m going to call and sit on them until I get clearance papers to cross the border. After the lengthy wait to cross, me and Mike are going to take turns driving and get back to Texas as soon as we can.

See? I told ya. Swanky.

3 Responses to “ Stranded and Frustrated ”

  1. Well, look at the bright side… It seems you have THE room at the motel that has Archie Bunker’s chair in it… So you’ve got that going for you!

  2. What a bummer! Would it be easier if several hundred of us volunteered to cross the border and we brought everything through piece by piece? I’d only charge two Tim Horton crullers and a cup of black coffee.

  3. The worst is over, now! But thanks!

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